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Room full of Mirrors


Room full of Mirrors

Room full of Mirrors
Beschreibung: An other iconography on an american idol. The musician or „figure“ Jimi Hendrix, though being related to the sixties, currently reexperiences a kind of renaissance. The context, in which his spirit is conjured up can be found in the field of chaos- or fractal-related science and art. So, technically, I modulated the same picture five times on a virtual object, which I want to express motion or verve with: a kind of three dimensional fractal brush stroke. The procedure is similar to wave modulation (carrier/modulator) resulting in five individually distorted portraits in a smashed „digital mirror“. „Room full of Mirrors“ is based on his introverted, psychological song by the same title, wherein he reflects pschedelic experiences and his status as a public person. Compared with the Marilyn Monroe portrait, the specific values have changed according to the proceeded zeitgeist from the fifties to the sixties into a kind of anglo-american „subcultural glamour“.
Schlüsselwörter: Jimi, Hendrix, Pop, Fraktal, fractal, psychedelic, psychedelia, Subkultur, Sixties, Sechziger, Verzerrung, distortion, Musik, music, USA, Amerika
Datum: 03.10.2008 20:14
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