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Küste VI
Küste VI
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Beam Station (2012)
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Freier Fall / Free Fall (2012)
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Cyan Beaming (2012)
Verdrillte Spiralen / Twisted Spirals
Verdrillte Spiralen / Twisted Spirals
Spiralringe / Spiral Rings
Spiralringe / Spiral Rings

In medias res


In medias res

In medias res
Beschreibung: From out of the middle - getting down to the nitty gritty. Laokoon (and his sons. as a symbolic group) is quoted very often as a symbol for entanglement. In this case: being entangled or ensnared into medial („virtual“) reality, respectively the question about the „definite“ reality if our everyday life is usually shaped by medial „fake“: Television, film and computer offer an own reality, which we have to take on with an extensive part of experience and perception in our everyday life. A forced embeddedness into an inevitable element of presence. Formally the scenery concerns fusion and dissolution: the group of figures dissolves into the background, Laokoon decomposes into different materials of the evironment (jade, glass, air). background elements continue in the figures, snakes arise from environmental details etc...
Schlüsselwörter: Schlange, snake, Laokoon, media, Medien, Medium, realität, reality, virtual, verwickelt, verstrickt, embedded, Kampf, Jade, Glas, Stein, stone, transparent, opaque, render, 3D
Datum: 03.10.2008 20:14
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